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Sponsored Post: Chic Dorm Decor (Back to School)

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You may not even think about it, but the decor in your home or bedroom says just as much about your personality as your wardrobe does. Everything from the design on your bed sheets to the accent colors in your room shows off your style. Whether large or small, your new space can definitely be transformed into a home, with just a little effort!

Small budget? — Spend your cash wisely: invest in multifunctional pieces such as a chic futon which doubles as a sofa and a bed.

Short on storage? — A trunk is great for storage, and can also function as a table! Some ottomans even have a storage space inside. Maximize your space by storing things vertically on shelves.

Sharing the same room with someone? — Use decor that incorporates both styles. If your roommate has a funky style and you have a more modern style, there are plenty of pieces you can agree on like a shag rug, contemporary lighting, or accent colors you both like.

Add some art: cool graphic prints and colors can definitely add to the stylish theme of your apartment. Try some inexpensive (easy-to-remove) wall decals, throw pillows, or framed photograph/painting.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself): Found an awesome trash can, but not the color you wanted? Paint it!

I hope you find these tips and tricks useful. Happy living! =)

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Sponsored Post: Celebrate Spring with a ‘Wink of Pink’

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Spring is literally right around the corner! Here in New York, we can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive. For most fashionistas in the US, spring is so much more than a change of season. Spring means there will be more color options available at your favorite boutiques and stores, as well as a great time to switch up your wardrobe and home decor. This spring, pink is the color on everyone’s lips: Add bright pink, fuchsia, magenta and more to your home and wardrobe. Kohl’s has gathered a collection of pink items for women, men, kids and home — add these pretty and playful hues to your day or stock up on gifts for someone you love.

I started my “spring cleaning” a few weeks ago and decided to redecorate my bathroom to look something like the image below. I didn’t choose any pink-themed items, but I did purchase a few red-themed pieces from (links are below). I purchased the exact red and black floral shower curtain shown below, as well as 2 rug sets. One red and one black, since I’m not sure which will look best yet. Nice look for spring, right?? Either way, Kohl’s has a great selection for just about everything. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

M. Style Full Bloom Floral Fabric Shower Curtain
Apt. 9® Stripe Plush Bath Rug (17″ x 24″ & 20″ x 32″) – Black
Garland Royalty 2-pc. Cotton Bath Rug Set – Chili Pepper Red

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Sponsored Post: Baileys #GlamourShot Recipe

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Just in time for the holidays! Each year I host a fun and intimate end-of-year/holiday dinner party for my girlfriends. As of late, I’ve been in search of a new drink recipe. Et voilà! Here we are. *cue the music*

Baileys recently released ‘Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon‘, a new spin on their original Irish Cream Liqueur. I haven’t tried it myself, but the taste has been described as “a decadent blend of natural vanilla and cinnamon with real Irish Cream.” Though that does sound sooooo delicious, I’m even more excited to serve their #GlamourShot cocktails at my dinner party next week! Ingredients are below…

baileys vanilla cinnamon glamour shot2

Recipe: Baileys #GlamourShot

  • 1 oz. Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon Irish Cream Liqueur
  • 0.5 oz. Goldschläger Cinnamon Schnapps
  • Edible gold flakes for garnish (optional)

baileys vanilla cinnamon glamour shot

Watch both clips below of ‘A Night Out With Stylist Jen Steele’ and ‘DJ Flo Unwinds In Style’ to see firsthand how Jen, Flo, and their girls take the city by storm, then share your own girls’ night out with Baileys by adding #GlamourShot to your nightlife pics. And, if you keep your ear to the ground, you might just find your way to one of Galarza’s sets at some of NYC’s best kept secrets.  We’re betting your kind of fabulous is just our style!

*Simply refresh this page to view both clips.*


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Sponsored Post: The Secret to the Perfect Cup of Coffee

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Here’s a secret: You don’t have to do a lot to take your look to the next level. If you focus on stocking your wardrobe with well-made, solid basics, you can elevate the simplest outfit by adding one high-quality statement piece. For example, to transform a casual look like a great pair of jeans and black tank top into a top-notch style statement, splurge on a dreamy handbag.

Special touches make a difference in food as well as fashion. Celebrity chef Curtis Stone believes that using premium ingredients is the secret to great food — and the Top Chef Masters host would know.

In the video below, Stone shows us how superior-grade beans are crucial to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. The Master Chocolatiers at Lindt also take quality control to a whole new level, creating a truly elevated taste experience.

See for yourself in the video below:

Also make sure to visit Lindt on Facebook: to get a $2 coupon! Try Now and Taste the Difference for yourself.

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Sponsored Post: MasterCard Priceless Offers

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New York, Chicago, the Caribbean, London, LA, or Miami. If you currently reside in either of these cities, or plan on visiting soon, be sure to take advantage of one of MasterCard’s Priceless offers. With MasterCard Priceless, you can experience “unprecedented” (priceless) service and experience at renowned restaurants, spas, tours, and more!

…Escape your daily routine and strengthen your mind and body at Exhale Spa in Miami, Florida. Enjoy a private dining experience at the chef’s table in the Wine Cave at db Bistro Moderne, or step into the spotlight with New York City deals like a special walk-on role in Broadway’s Rock of Ages!

See more experiences MasterCard Priceless offers at:

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