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Sponsored Post: Dannon Light & Fit – Stop Sacrificing

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With summer right around the corner, I (like so many others) am on a mission to getting fit and eating right. If you’re a yogurt fanatic (like myself) you’ll be happy to know that Dannon Light & Fit now makes a delicious Greek yogurt! With 2x the protein than regular low-fat yogurt, and at 80 calories per serving, it’s the lightest Greek yogurt with fruit. Silence those tempting thoughts with Light & Fit Greek, and stop sacrificing! It’s creamy thick texture will most definitely satisfy you.

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Sponsored Post: Go Pro with Crest Pro-Health

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Speaking from experience, Crest Pro-Health is hands down THE best toothpaste if you’re someone with sensitive teeth. I always thought teeth sensitivity occured with older people, like in their 60’s. I’m still in my 20’s and I hate how certain toothpastes make my teeth feel… especially where my filling are! Not only does Crest Pro-Health fight teeth sensitivity, cavities, and tartar. It also whitens teeth and freshens your breath. You can never have too much of that! :)

Crest Pro-Health is turning people’s oral health from good to pro across the country. What will you say when you Go Pro with Crest Pro-Health?

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Healthy Living: 6 Ways to Eat Healthier!

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While browsing through one of my favorite magazines, I came across a Healthy Living article titled ‘6 Ways to Eat Healthier!’, courtesy of food blogger Tina Haupert and her new book Carrots ‘n’ Cake.

I’ve been trying to find the perfect diet for a while now, but I think what’s most important is not the brand of diet (i.e. Weight Watchers, etc.), but how well you personalize your very own custom diet plan!

I also dine out a lot, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So, these tips really help!

1. Add flavor to your food!
“Instead of using butter and oils to give meals a boost, try low-calorie spice options like ginger, cumin and garlic powder.”

2. Follow the 2 out of 3 rule!
“I love going out to restaurants. But to keep from overdoing it, I pick 2 out of 3 big temptations: a cocktail, the bread basket or dessert.”

3. Eat slowly!
“Wolfing down your food results in eating more than you need to. If you take your time, you’ll be more satisfied and enjoy what you’re eating.”

4. Sip your drinks!
“I feel the same way about cocktails as I do about food: Pick something to sip slowly, not something to suck down! You’ll be less likely to drink one after another and pile on the calories. A good glass of wine always does the trick for me.”

5. Put your healthy food in one place!
“Sometimes I mindlessly munch on whatever I see in the fridge. But if I keep all my healthy choices in one cupboard, I know exactly where to look for good options.”

6. Mix up your salad!
“Break out of your salad rut! I used to bring the same salad for lunch every day. It was so boring that I’d throw it away and eat something unhealthy. Now I add fresh veggies, nuts, avocados, beans — things to keep me interested so I won’t stray from my plan!”

*Be sure to check out Tina’s blog for more healthy eating tips, recipes, and fitness advice. Her book Carrots ‘n’ Cake is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

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